The architecture of a brand is defined by a brand hierarchy. This is a structure of how Emicool brand and its subsidiaries fit together into a system where the brands’ core values and positioning are interrelated.

The brands in Emicool brand hierarchy are interrelated and interdependent within the overall brand structure, much like the rooms in a house are interrelated and interdependent. As brand strategist Jeffrey Sinclair stated, “A house of brands is like a family; each needs a role and a relationship to others.”

In the subsidiary logos provided, you will notice how they all share the same corporate colors of Emicool. As well as the same system and feel, it is for this reason that they look both interrelated and interdependent. Notice how Emicool GLOBAL is missing the green color, yet despite that it still looks like it’s part of the indorsed architecture of Emicool. The same goes for Aquacool Metering, it does not mention the name Emicool in the logo nonetheless it still applies the same family system, belonging to the hierarchy.