What we do

GraphicShop’s core specialty is brand nurturing and delivering its expectations. Our major strengths reside in creating or uplifting a brand’s logo, while developing an adequate corporate identity. As for package design, it’s just another kind of superior work that we provide.

Being a one-stop shop for graphic design, marketing, communications and media, GraphicShop offers the following services:

  • > Branding and concept creation
  • > Marketing planning
  • > Corporate communications campaigns
  • > Market research
  • > Product positioning
  • > Promotional campaigns
  • > Product packaging and design
  • > Print layout
  • > Execution follow-ups

How we think

Every product or company whose identity we create or uplift is tailor-made and pampered as our own. We insist on maintaining with our clients a long-term relationship stamped with loyalty and foiled with trust.


Work Process

Strategic view